Social Communication Curriculum Pilot

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Is your school or district interested in a complimentary Social Communication Curriculum pilot? Pilots are great for groups to try out our curriculum before you buy!

What does a pilot entail?

  • Complimentary access to the full Social Communication Curriculum for the duration of the pilot
  • A kickoff call to outline the pilot objectives and plan the implementation timeline
  • Professional development to create a successful pilot experience
  • Support from the Everyday Speech team throughout the pilot

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What's included in a pilot?

A pilot includes all of the following:

  • Complimentary access to the entire curriculum for the duration of the 8 week pilot.
  • A kickoff call to outline the pilot objectives and plan the implementation timeline.
  • On-demand training to implement the curriculum. We also offer live training by request.
  • Support from the Everyday Speech team throughout the pilot.
Who is eligible for a pilot?

Any group can pilot, assuming they are all part of the same school district or organization. In order to be able to pilot, you must be available for a kickoff call and end-of-pilot meeting.

If you have participated in a pilot in the past, you may not be eligible.

Prefer to get started yourself? Sign up for a free trial.

How do I get started?

Fill out the form above to get a pilot info sheet, which contains links to register for a pilot.

Who is a pilot best for?

Pilots are best for groups that are looking to implement our curriculum in a group, school-wide, or district-wide setting.

If you're interested for just yourself, we encourage you to sign up for a 30 day free trial.

When do pilots start?

Pilots start in September 2022 and continue throughout the school year. You can submit for a pilot at any time.

For fastest turnaround, we suggest getting started as early as possible!

I'm only interested for myself. Should I pilot?

If you're only interested in access for yourself, you should start a no-risk 30 day free trial. That will get you complete access to our SCC curriculum, 100% free for 30 days. 

You can cancel at any time without paying a penny.

To get started with a free trial, head here.

Do you offer pilots for your other curricula?

Yes, we offer pilots for our Social Communication, Social-Emotional Learning, and Bundled Curricula offerings. When you complete the pilot registration form, you can indicate which curriculum you're interested in, or if you're not sure, our team can guide you.

To learn more about the differences in the curricula, head here.

Does the pilot cost anything?
The pilot is 100% free. You get full, unrestricted access to our curriculum.
Am I required to buy at the end of the pilot?
Signing up for a pilot does not require you to purchase anything at any time. We feel confident that after seeing our curriculum, you'll see the value in it, but a purchase is not required.
Can I buy without piloting?


If you're looking to purchase for an individual, head here.

If you'd like to purchase for a group, you can generate a quote here.