You extinguish SEL fires, big and small, all day.

You bounce, you toggle, you run around your building leading SEL, working in small groups, and teaching intensive one-on-one sessions. Do any of the scenarios below sound like you?

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Social Workers, we got you!

In any 2-hour span, you are juggling 20 things at once. Does this sound like you:
  • Push into a 4th grade class to lead an SEL lesson
  • Drop everything to handle a coping emergency in your office
  • 3rd grade teacher lets you know your student visited the principal...again
  • Race off to teach SEL to a self-contained class with cognitive/emotional needs
Bundled would be your best friend.

Here's looking at you, Psychologists!

What would we do without you? You bring the detail to assessments, you tie it all together for the team, you're neck-deep in reports. On top of that, you're often the one teaching SEL in classrooms and to our students who need your developmental eye.

This is a great opportunity to try Bundled for free.

School Counselors and MTSS Specialists

You feel like the SEL catch-all. You're implementing SEL strategies to fill those gaps when your students aren't as successful as they can be. You need your lessons to be impactful and effective. You work on a tight timeline and you need progress fast.

Bundled is geared toward your higher level students who need social and emotional training.